Child Development

  • Family Collaboration and Support During the Early Critical Developmental Years
    Our child development experts were drawn to the SLEA team because we offer the unique opportunity to collaborate with families and other service providers so that each client receives the full advantage of a personalized treatment program.  We are dedicated to providing comprehensive assessment, training and individualized services that help a child during the first five years of development to gain skills in cognition, play, fine and gross motor, social/emotional and communication areas.   Our focus on personalized connections between therapists, families and educators assures that SLEA clients build a strong foundation of skills so that they are ready and successful in the home, school and community for years to come.
  • Learn and Grow Through Play in the Natural Environment
    In the home, daycare center, park or other location in the community, young children are comfortable and have the opportunity to achieve developmental milestones, play and social skills naturally, under the careful guidance our highly trained, qualified and devoted specialists.   Our staff are committed to helping children who are at risk or with special needs.  We have dedicated our careers to assuring that our clients have the resources and exposure to developmentally appropriate experiences that will be needed to achieve their greatest potential.

Therapists and Educators working together for Better Futures

Interdisciplinary support and collaborative services to meet the unique needs of our clients