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Preschool teacher teaching her children about geography. Using globe and asking the questions. Children  answering the questions. Children sitting by the table and listen teacher carefully. Models in this shot are part of real kindergarten group and their teacher.

Navigating Difficult Conversations with Families of Special Needs Children

Presented By Dr. Mary David, PsyD

January 7, 2021

Course Description

A supportive and collaborative team is essential
to the success of any therapeutic process. This
course at the intermediate professional level
addressed key components for counseling families and/or clients during the duration of their therapies, including: intake, discussing progress, and discharge criteria and timing. These conversations can at times be difficult and require a certain level of counseling skills to navigate various situations. The participants learned how to actively listen, navigate through difficult information and increase collaboration with parents. Overall, the participants learned to develop and utilize empathy to create a positive and productive support team for clients and families.