Update: All offices are now open. Please call or email to schedule in-person services.

As we begin to resume in-person services, SLEA would like to bring to your attention some of the preventative safety and sanitation measures we have put into place. These safety protocols were developed with guidance from the Center of Disease Control (CDC). The list below describes the protocols all SLEA staff as well as parents must practice while direct support intervention is rendered in your home.
Our goal is to maintain the health and safety of all individuals!


Daily Wellness procedures:

• Staff providing in-person therapy will be tested for COVID-19 regularly
• Case Supervisors will select varying Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for staff to use during sessions to include a face shield and mask or two masks
• All adults in general vicinity of therapy session must wear a mask
• SLEA staff will receive training on proper hygiene techniques
• SLEA will provide training to families on CDC related hygiene protocols
• All staff members will be required to take their temperature before sessions and as always, if not feeling well, cancel client sessions and seek proper medical attention
• Client temperatures and overall “wellness checks” will also be taken at the beginning of their session. If your child is not feeling well, please contact your Case Supervisor to cancel session as soon as possible
• Increased hand washing protocols have been established to adhere to CDC recommendations. All session participants will wash hands upon arrival/dismissal
• Though the nature of our service does often require close proximity and contact, we will be implementing short term measures to minimize unnecessary closeness. Please do your part to uphold the Case Supervisors recommendations during home sessions
• Refrain from offering handshakes, high fives, or hugs, opting instead for contact-free greetings (e.g. hello, goodbye and thank you!)


Enhanced Disinfecting Protocols:

• Due to various personal preferences, SLEA asks that families supply all cleaning materials (i.e. disinfectant sprays, hand soap, etc.) to be used in workspaces.
• Sanitary restrooms must be provided to our staff for consistent handwashing
• Aired out rooms to be provided (i.e. open windows/ doors)
• Practice of proper hygiene must be implemented daily
• Follow current guidelines for cleaning materials and surfaces regularly with disinfectant wipes
• Program materials to be kept separate and stored away during non-session times
• Additional protocols will be reviewed prior to the start of sessions.

SLEA will continue to monitor CDC and local government health guidelines for further determinations. We thank you for your partnership during this time.