Intensive Reading Program

This program is designed to get students up to speed with reading quickly!
Includes assessment and individualized treatment plan and usually lasts 4 to 6 weeks while meeting 3 times a week.
Please email for further questions.

Story Champs

Story champs intervention group will help your child with:

  • Improved story and information retelling;
  • Personal and fictional story generation;
  • Story and reading comprehension;
  • Acquisition of targeted vocabulary;
  • Inferential word learning.


After my daughter brought home the second set of stories, my four-year-old was able to answer questions about a storybook we read. She had never been able to identify all of the parts of a story before that evening. Story Champs has expanded her abilities to understand and express her thoughts like never before. It has been exciting for our family.


Melissa, mom of 4-year-old with ASD