Occupational Therapy

Our Occupational Therapy team supports clients to live life to its fullest! We help clients across their lifespan participate in meaningful activities, known as occupations. In childhood, these activities include daily tasks such as dressing, feeding, play, school, and sleep. Our goal is to support and increase our clients' independence throughout the day no matter the age. No two sessions are alike! We individualize our services to meet client and family needs. SLEA provides both group and individual services. Our OT team remains up to date on research and frequently collaborates with other services for high quality continuity of care.

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Our Services

  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Assistive Technology
  • Attention / Self-regulation Skills
  • Development
  • Early Intervention
  • Feeding
  • Fine Motor Development
  • Handwriting
  • Memory / Sequencing Skills
  • Motor Planning / Strengthening
  • Oculomotor Skills
  • Play
  • Sensory Integration
  • Sleep
  • Social Skills
  • Perceptual Processing
  • Visual Motor Integration
  • Family Collaboration and Individualized Treatment Opportunities
    We are dedicated to helping children and adults fully access activities of daily living, school curriculum and social interactions to their maximum potential. Providing comprehensive assessment and a treatment plan that focuses on each individual’s areas of need, we offer our clients the opportunity to grow and develop independent play skills and peer interactions, sensory integration skills, fine and gross motor skills as well as cognitive abilities.
  • Professional Growth and Support
    Our OT service providers are accomplished in a wide range of specialized areas. Many have earned certification in unique methodologies, including but not limited to Early Intervention, Sensory Integration, NDT, Handwriting without Tears, Visceral Manipulation, Infant Stimulation, PAMs, the Alert Program, Zones of Regulation, DIR/FloorTime, Feeding, Schools, and ergonomic design/home modifications.
  • Uniquely Trained and Skilled Clinicians
    Our occupational therapy providers are licensed by the state of California and certified by the National Board of Occupational Therapists. Professional development and life-long learning are highly valued at SLEA so that we can assure treatment is based on current research and best practices.

Where We Provide Our Services

  • Public Schools
  • Charter Schools
  • Private Schools
  • Preschools
  • Teletherapy
  • In-home
  • Clinics

Occupational Therapy Resources

The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) educates the public and advances the profession by providing resources, setting standards, and serving as an advocate to improve health care.

The SPD Foundation is a world leader in research, education, and advocacy for Sensory Processing Disorder, a neurological condition that disrupts the daily lives of many children and adults. 

Therapists and Educators working together for Better Futures

Interdisciplinary support and collaborative services to meet the unique needs of our clients