As an SLP-mom of two little boys, the last thing I expected was having a child with a speech and language delay. When my younger son was around 18 months old, he seemed to be on the right track. But, for some reason between 18-24 months, his language did not expand or grow and he was becoming more and more frustrated every day having difficulty communicating.

Or pediatrician told me to give him time, that he was fine, and my husband did not seem worried. But I knew he needed more help. So, I had him evaluated through TCRC and sure enough, he qualified.

My next fear was, who will his therapist be? I needed someone good. Someone who would be firm, yet loving and really push him to use his words, because I knew he was capable. Susan Neigher was that person. She not only helped my son make tremendous gains over the 10 months she worked with him, she truly cared about him and his well being. She always kept me informed and let me know how his sessions were going. I knew I could count on her.

Fast forward to now, he is speaking in sentences and has more confidence in himself. Do I still worry about him? Absolutely. Is he completely caught up to an age appropriate level? Not yet, but he is getting there. I am so grateful that Susan was there to help him along this journey. She built a level of comfort and trust with my son that he needed in order to be successful. She is truly a gem and we already miss her!

I just wanted to express to you, as I'm sure you already know, that she is wonderful!


SLEA has successfully supported an autistic child from isolation to directly relating to their surroundings, demonstrate more appropriate social skills and learning to see the world from third to first person. The relationship between SLEA Staff and this student is heart-warming to watch as this child is able to be more independent in and outside the school environment.


I would like to take this time to thank Liz Baccus for working with my daughter from December 2015 to August 2016. My daughter met many of her overall development goals. Liz helped her strengthen her fine motor, cognitive and speech language development skills. She has shown improvement in great vocabulary skills. Liz did many activities with her, and help her to use her words to talk in sentences. It was rewarding to see the results from my daughter started to gain more knowledge. Liz was patient and caring and understanding it was also nice that Liz was bilingual. It is important to our family to teach our children Spanish from a young age we highly recommend Liz and know that she does her best quality work with children. On behalf of my family, we were sad to end service with Liz, but we were happy with the improvement of results in our daughter. Liz did her very best work we are great full. Thank you Liz for dedicating time and helping our daughter and being able to help her reach her over all developmental goal. She starts preschool soon, and we will carry the knowledge she learned.


The direct support from SLEA staff makes it easy for our student to attain their goals. The SLEA Staff member has established good rapport with the student and speaks with student to explain what the student is doing, what the student should be doing and provides positive reinforcement on a daily basis.

-EE Special Education Teacher

"Environment, Wait Time, Other, Customer Service, Quality"

Everyone from the staff to the therapists genuinely care about their clients.


SLEA Staff assists in helping the student develop their skills both socially and academically while maintaining punctuality and a positive personality.



We have used three speech therapists with our daughter over the last couple of years and they have all been patient, kind, and terrific at helping our daughter.


I attribute the child’s growth and success directly to the professionalism and expertise of the SLEA Staff.


It is with great pleasure to give my highest regard and appreciation to SLEA. There has been a major improvement in our son’s academic challenges, which have become an academic triumphant. The SLEA continued dedication to our son has prepared them for the next phase of their academic and social environment. We sincerely appreciate the insurmountable work and difference he has been in our life.

Our best to Speech, Language, & Educational Associates for a job well done!!


I'd like to thank SLEA for providing us with such a gifted professional. We have all learned much from this SLEA staff member who is an endless well of hope that we all draw from.

-Education Specialist

As parents, we feel very thankful for the therapy services and all the improvements we, along with our closest relatives, have noticed within the last months.  The assistance you guys have provided is priceless and amazing and there are not enough words to tell you how much we value it.

Since day one, as parents, we acknowledged the fact that our son was falling behind in some areas, according to the standards and it is with huge excitement that I would like to share with you some improvements we have noticed ourselves that are yet not reflected on your progress report.  We are beyond happy to see a little improvement every week.


The family sure loves working with you Jen! Rebekah (case supervisor) said nice things about your work.

-Regional Center

Mi familia y yo estamos contentos con SLEA.


Just wanted to drop a note sharing how pleased we are to have Stella going to bat for us and making all the observations necessary to write her report, she is such a wonderful person and pleasure to work with. 


They are the best!!!!


Thank you for the well wishes, we will miss seeing you tomorrow. At the last Dean’s Circle meeting I shared with you that my 2 year old son has been fortunate enough to work with therapists from SLEA. He turns 3 at the end of next month and will be aging out of his services, so I wanted to tell you that we have had the best experience with SLEA. Susan Neigher, Lezlie Leon, and Kelley Reyes have been wonderful. I know he will miss them and we have appreciated that for the last year he has received such great therapies. He has come so far in the last year, his expressive speech has really progressed and I am very proud and grateful!

Have a wonderful rest of your day and great holiday season.


I meant to send this to you earlier today. Just wanted to say that I think you’re the best. Specifically I mean kind and positive and pro active and smart and also sure, about yourself and seemingly about my son, which brings me so much comfort. I’m really grateful for you.


Thank you for the wonderful meeting today. I was so impressed by your demeanor and your ability to connect with my child even over zoom. I left our time together feeling so uplifted and encouraged by your eagerness to partner with us in helping her. I’m already putting the techniques you shared into practice. 

-Parent of Regional Center Client