Presentations & Workshops

Did you know that we provide specialized workshops and staff development for our educational and contract partners?

SLEA has designed presentations that are specifically created to
meet the unique challenges of your site, staff and family community.
We will personalize each workshop so that the training is aligned with
your needs, mission and goals.

Our expertise, years of experience in training and professional growth
as well as recognition in our fields will provide your team with valuable
information to learn and grown in all of these areas!

Father and son collect ship model


  • What is ABA?
  • What is Social Thinking?
  • How We Play?
  • Helping the Special Needs Individual
  • Sensory Processing- Assessment and Treatment
  • Child Development for Teachers and Families
  • Develop Leadership and Mentoring Skills for Effective Supervision
  • Pediatric Feeding Assessment
  • Creating Behavior Based Speech and Language Goals
  • Teacher and Family Training- 8 Weeks- Addressing (1) Therapy Readiness (2) Adaptive Skills (3) Fine and Gross Motor Skills (4) Social Skills (5) Speech and Language Skills
  • Executive Functioning- Assessment and Development of Skills
  • Memory and Cognition- Assessment and Treatment
  • Assessment and Treatment of Developmental Communication Skills
  • What is Auditory Processing?
  • Strengthening Auditory Processing Skills
  • Understanding Childhood Stuttering
  • Understanding Adult Stuttering
  • Bilingual Language Assessment and Development
  • Understanding and Teaching Phonological Awareness
  • Reading and Speaking…What’s the Connection?
  • Learn to Listen, Speak, Read and Write

Language and the Curriculum

  • Understanding, Speaking, Reading, Writing: What’s the Connection?
  • The Role of Memory in Learning and in Speaking
  • Auditory Processing: Defined, Examined, Treated
  • How Can the SLP Improve Reading Performance in the Schools
  • Phonemic Awareness – Speaking and Reading
  •  Supporting Vocabulary and Language
    Development Through Collaboration with Classroom Teachers
  • Diverse Strategies for Diverse Populations

Staff Development for General and Special Education Staff

  • School Based SLP Roles and Responsibilities
  • Staffing and Assignments of Service Providers
  • Avoiding Due Process
  • Fostering Parent Relations
  • Service Providers Professional Responsibilities and
    Ethical Standards
  • RtI – 3 Tiers of Prevention, Screening and Intervention
  • Documentation Responsibilities
  • Paraprofessional Training on Related Services
  • Team Building and Leadership Skills
  • Collaborative Services in Special Education Classrooms
  • Secondary Students and Related Services Support
  • Standards Based IEP Goals
  • Workload vs. Caseload
  • Professional Supervision and Performance Evaluation
  • New Therapist and New Manager Training
  • When and How to Refer for Related Services
  • Effective Implementation of Eligibility Criteria and Service Completion

Staff Development For SLPs

  • Stuttering Assessment and Treatment
  • What is AAC? How do We Assess? How can we Assist our Students?
  • Carryover Techniques and the iPad
  • Service Delivery Reform
  • Service Completion Guidelines and Strategies
  • Boardmaker and School Service
  • Parent Training
  • Develop Your Supervision, Mentoring and Leadership Skills
  • Preschool Assessment and Service
  • Innovative Service Delivery options for School SLPs
  • Managing SLP Schedules with Increasing Caseloads
  • Clear Speech – Accent Modification

Autism, Language and Learning

  • Autism, Language and Learning
  • Executive Functioning: What We Need to Know
  • Theory of Mind and the School Age Student
  • Strategies for Promoting Pragmatic Language Skills in Groups
  • Collaborative Instruction for Children with Autism
  • Communication Strategies that Work for Students with Autism
  • Speech, Language and Behavior – Bridging the Gap

English Language Learners

  • What is Language Dominance and How is it Determined?
  •  Language Difference versus Language Disorder
  •  Linguistic Universals and the English Learner
  • The Bilingual Assessment Process
  • Using Interpreters for Valid Assessment of English Learners
  • English Language Development for English Learners

Our Mission

A multidisciplinary team of educators and therapists working together with families to enhance the lives of individuals with
special needs, using innovative strategies and programs to develop strong understanding, speaking, reading, and writing skills.


The Creators

Our workshops have been created by our very own SLEA clinical leadership team, including Helen Wade, MA, CCC-SLP, Founder and Executive Director and Anthony Jenkins, MA, BCBA.

Therapists and Educators working together for Better Futures

Interdisciplinary support and collaborative services to meet the unique needs of our clients