Speech Language & Educational Associates 
Speech Language and Educational Associates!


Speech, Language and Educational Associates(SLEA) was founded in 1983 by its Director, Helen Sherman-Wade.

Helen Sherman-Wade, MA, CCC-SLP  has over 30 years of experience working with children and adults exhibiting speech, language, stuttering and learning problems, as well as with early infant and family intervention.  SLEA has grown to employ over 200 therapists who are bringing the highest level of care to the diverse communities of Los Angeles.

 Our mission:  A multidisciplinary team of educators and therapists working together with families to enhance the lives of individuals with special needs, using systematic and innovative strategies and programs to develop strong understanding, speaking, reading and writing skills.

 SLEA is committed to assuring that every individual with special needs has the opportunity to achieve his or her learning and communication potential.

Client Testimonials

“Mrs. J. was assigned as an Additional Adult Assistant to an autistic student in my classroom this past school year. She knew how to provide redirection and encouragement to him and to the rest of the class. Her dedication, flexibility, work ethic, and genuine love of children and learning are great assets.”

K.  R.

Classroom Teacher – Ann Street Elementary

During the final IFSP, B's Mom expressed how happy she was with the services but specially with V., our SLEA Speech Therapist. She said, "V. is amazing and my son is always eager to work with her joyfully, he has progressed so much in his speech." Thank you so much ladies for your great service to our families.

V. M.

Early Start Service Coordinator